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We are organizing the exciting horse trails in Poland in Mazurian Lake District

“Riding on trakhen breed horses along the Krutynia River track, place which was visited by Duchess Marion Donhof”.

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Joining us you have a possibility to discover the charm of trakhen horses, the beauty of Mazurian nature and a piece of history of ancient East Prussia.

We invite you to take part in our extraordinary horse trails. We assure you the unforgotten experiences and the organization on the top level. It is also possible to make a ride on the cart.


In accordance to our long experience in organizing the horse events, we offer you an extraordinary adventure. If you are interested in our offer, check the track description, tariffs and participation terms and conditions. The horses are kept and trained by us.



Trail track
Route takes about 150 km. Each day the accommodation is organized in a different place, either in picturesque situated guest houses or in fully equipped encampment. On the way you can discover beautiful places which refer to polish nature, culture and history of Ancient East Prussia. Not only you will be traveling through hilly region of Masuria Landscape park, passing next to 40 crystal clean lakes. But also on the way you will have a possibility to see the Piska Woods with its many small nature reserves.

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